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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Goals for Koda, the line

Right before the new year, I came up with a list of goals for 2012. I don't want to think of them as resolutions, because I rarely ever stick to any "resolution" I make on New Years. One of those goals included a decision to quit my job at Urban Outfitters. I really thought when I first got the job there in July, that I was going to make the most of it and really try to move up and get to where I wanted, a design job with the company in Philly. I reached my first goal of becoming a department team lead and quickly became disappointed and flat out bored with it. Working in a corporate setting, with all of the politics and bullshit that goes along with moving up, or just having a comfortable and creative work environment, isn't something I'm interested in. Maybe I'm experiencing some kind of "quarter-life crisis", but I don't want to depend on someone else (a boss, a company) to get to where I want to be career wise. I guess I also didn't like being told that my degree in fashion didn't mean anything to the company or my pay. It means something to me and now I'm going to put it to some good use! So, here are my career goals for the next year:

1) Blog Everyday and build a following. This will help get customers when I finally have things to sell.
2) Design and produce a small denim collection for men and women, from start to finish. 
3) Show this collection at Austin Fashion Week 2012.
4) Sell my clothing on or
5) Build my brand. Think logo and Trademark.
6) Learn new skills. Embroidering, upholstering, jewelry-making, etc.

What is my motivation for this list? By this time next year, I'd like to be on my way to being a full-time small business owner here in Austin. Because serving tables is getting old...

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